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The YIN & YANG of pure strength & health

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Charles Poliquin, perhaps the world’s leading strength coach…

  • for Olympic and professional athletes
  • Canadian
  • authored 8 books
  • created Strength Sensei company
  • died September 2018

Talking about one of his clients, Helen Maroulis…

  • 2016, Rio Olympics:
  • first-ever American to win gold in women’s freestyle wrestling
  • learned Japanese in order to understand opponent’s coach
  • most detail-oriented athlete
  • watched Youtube of opponent
  • to understand her moves…

One of biggest myths…
-“takes a lot of work to get a great physique”
-4 hours a week is plenty
-even top level professional athletes need only 4 hours a week:
~for the strength training portion
-but, “no messing around”

Like an oil lamp…
-flame is like yang energy
~bigger burning flame is great
-problem: people don’t take care of the oil…
~the yin energy

Our 2 biggest stressors: connected to our mouth…
-what we say
-what we put into our body

You never have someone say:
“Oh, I was so stressed that all
I could eat was brussel sprouts”

We tend to self-medicate with carbs!
-cortisol, a stress hormone, is lowered by insulin
-the problem?
-insulin is the hormone of aging
-the more you make,
the faster you age
-controlling the fat loss process…
is managing insulin
-more control is better

For hockey & football players, I make it simple…
-is the food you will eat accessible to cavemen?
-Grains? very little
-they became popular in ancient Egypt
-started to have:
~degenerative diseases

“we were much stronger, taller
when we ate a paleolithic diet”

Jet lag?
-prepare for landing, drink 1.5 liter water
-activates the kidney meridian (the energy meridian)
-eat caviar…it resets the brain neurotransmitters
-yang neurotransmitters:
~dopamine & acetylcholine

-could have roast beef
-must be meat or fish that:
~contains a lot of tyrosine

Jet lag?
-also, eat macadamia nuts
~has lots of choline to fire up the brain


Strength Sensei:

Original youtube:

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