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ONE MAN’S EXPERIENCE defeating autoimmune disease – Part 2 of 3

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Dr. Peterson: A whole bunch of things improved…
-daughter’s depression went away

I’ve had depression since I was 13, at times very severe.
I’ve treated it in a variety of ways, some successful

Peterson: It took her 2 years to figure out what she could eat
was beef & greens…
-then she figured out she could only eat beef

She said, “Dad, you have to try this diet because…
you have the same symptoms as me”

I didn’t have arthritis, but did have
a lot of the other symptoms

Peterson: I went on a really low carb diet…
-I had gastric-reflux disorder
-I was snoring a lot

-I stopped snoring the first week
(I had gained some weight…)
-if you snore, you have sleep apnea
-you don’t sleep right

Peterson: I went on a really low carb diet…
-I started waking up in the morning

-I had never been able to wake up easily my whole life
-and I felt terrible

Suddenly, I could wake up!
-I’m clear headed
-not gloomy and horrible

Peterson: I went on a really low carb diet…
-Then I lost 7 pounds the first month

-and I had already gone on sugar-free (dessert-free) diet
for a year and lost no weight

-I lost 7 pounds the next month…
-lost 7 pounds a month for 7 months!

-My psoriasis disappeared
-floaters in my eye cleared up

-still having tough time with mood regulation
-could not respond to antidepressants anymore

I was getting radically better physically
-but difficulty with mood
-negative reaction to eating foods
that shouldn’t eat

-still really anxious in mornings until 3 months ago
-it would get better throughout the day

Stress? No, this is something different

Peterson: My daughter said: quit eating greens…

“Try it for a month”
-within a week I was 25% less anxious in morning
-within 2 weeks, 75% less anxious

I am better now than I have ever been
-no antidepressants for a year


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