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ONE MAN’S EXPERIENCE defeating autoimmune disease – Part 1 of 3

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Dr Jordan Peterson: I am not a dietary expert…
-I am speaking as an uninformed citizen

Joe Rogan: This is anecdotal evidence, spoken from
someone who has suffered with autoimmune issues
your whole life

Peterson: Yes

Peterson: I have been on a pure carnivore diet for 2 months;
and very, very low carb, greens only (and beef) diet
for about a year
-and a low carb diet for about 2 years

Rogan: When I first met you (2.5 years ago):
you had much more weight; looked different.

You were eating the standard western diet?


Rogan: You shifted to only meat & greens…
I saw you & you looked fantastic

You said, I am eating only meat & greens

I thought: you are cutting out all the
-refined sugars
-processed foods

Rogan: Then, you decided to take it to another place…
& cut out the greens. What was the motivation?

Peterson: All the motivation is from my daughter.
She has an unbelievably serious autoimmune disease:

My wife always had a suspicion that
this was dietary related

Rogan: Why?

We did notice, when young, when she ate
oranges or strawberries she would get a rash

When she developed arthritis, when she
ate an orange, she would get
a flare up

Peterson: The problem is, to identify a dietary component…
-has to be pretty quick after you eat.
-if it’s two days later, how do you figure that out?
-a lot of responses are delayed up to 4 days

Peterson: She thought, it must be stress…
-then she realized: “When I study, all I do is eat bagels &
sandwiches. Maybe it is the bread”

-she cut out all gluten
-it had a really remarkable effect

-then an elimination diet:
~nothing but chicken & broccoli

Peterson: Her symptoms started to drop off one by one…
-she started to be able to wake up in the morning &
-stay awake all day

When you are only staying awake 6 hours with Ritalin…
-staying awake all day?
-that is like having a life


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